The quality of the governing board largely determines the reputation and quality of the organization that the Board governs. Teamwork between Board Members and the Chief Executive is always the desired objective, but is frequently elusive. Taylor-Nelson LLC has been working with Governing Boards since the 1960's. They help governing boards become more self aware, more vision-focused, more strategic, more efficient and more effective.

Taylor-Nelson LLC helps elected officials and appointed staff become a respectful and powerful team.

Learning events cover:

  • Foundations of governance
  • Setting the direction, goals and organization strategy
  • The role in finance and fiscal accountability
  • Role in human resources and organization development
  • Principles of leadership
  • Dialogue and conflict resolution skills
  • Productive Board-Staff relations
  • Understanding the union
  • Using win-win strategies

Sea-based Team Building

Sea-Based Team Building will be designed around the needs of the client. Models include regatta style team building, America’s Cup Yacht management, small yacht handling experiences during the day and overnight.