The Coaching Clinic is a two day learning program conducted at your site.

The Clinic effectively helps individuals learn the skills necessary for coaching in the organization. During the two day Coaching Clinic, participants:

  • Experience first hand the cutting edge coaching technology now being used in leading organizations around the globe
  • Discover how to inspire others to believe in their own success, sharpen their focus and make personal shifts to achieve extraordinary results
  • Access a powerful structure and process which enable them to begin coaching for winning performance immediately, and
  • Discover their personal coaching style using an inventory which positions them and their employees for rapid development

Who in the organization should participate?

  • Executives, managers and supervisors
  • Human Resource, IT, Quality Improvement, Purchasing, Legal and Accounting staff
  • Shop stewards and employee organization representatives
  • Others wanting to learn advanced communication and leadership skills

How does the coaching clinic benefit organizations?

Clinic participants will be challenged to raise their standards for their own skills and competencies. They will have tools to facilitate coaching conversations and maximize the effectiveness of work communications. Participants will use case scenarios drawn from their own unique work situations.