When it comes to quality, productivity, safety and other results that really matter, what separates the good organizations from the best? It comes down to one skill. The ability to handle difficult conversations.

It is the ability to consistently handle high stakes, controversial and emotional discussions in a way that achieves results and strengthens relationships.

The Clinic is a two day training program conducted at your site that teaches the dialogue skills needed for conducting these high stakes, controversial and emotional conversations.

Who should attend the Clinic?

  • Team leaders and team members
  • Executives, managers, supervisors and lead workers
  • Organization members planning or going through change
  • Coaches, mentors, counselors and third party neutrals
  • Shop stewards and employee organization representatives
  • Support staff members wishing to enhance their organization image and effectiveness (legal, HR, financial, etc.)
  • Governing Board members who want more effective meetings
  • Any organization member seeking breakthrough performance
  • Parents of teenagers

Sea-based Team Building

Sea-Based Team Building will be designed around the needs of the client. Models include regatta style team building, America’s Cup Yacht management, small yacht handling experiences during the day and overnight.