Taylor-Nelson will facilitate meetings or customer focus groups. We use the latest technology so we can collect valuable data no matter the group size.

We customize our work to meet the needs of the group. Some groups would like to neither talk nor write about their feelings or opinions. We can use a process known as Eidetics whereby answer to questions are drawn and interpreted.

We also use Groupware, electronically facilitated meeting technology, whereby members will have a terminal in front of them answering questions anonymously. All members will have to answer before their individual signal light goes out. We used this successfully with a group of twenty five mayors and Board of Supervisors to determine the key performance areas and actual performance of their executive director.

Groupware is ideal for Town Halls where lots of people want to have input but there just isn’t time. Their information is recorded as “X’s” on a large overhead projection screen so everyone can see how they “voted” compare to how others “voted”.

Both Nancy and Martin are veteran group facilitators, averaging at least 50 groups a year for the past twelve years. They have taught facilitation skills at the University of California extension and professionals in train-the-trainer classes.

If you are looking for comprehensive organization data (organization strengths, weaknesses, customer feedback, process effectiveness, human capital measurements, etc.) please go to our page on Organization Assessment.