Also known as integrative bargaining, mutual gain bargaining, interest based problem solving, win-win bargaining, principle-based negotiations, open bargaining, etc. Typically begins with an assessment of readiness, researching and answering key questions.

Martin Nelson, Nancy Taylor and Associates surround the basic PAST approach:

  • Principle
  • Assumptions
  • Steps
  • Techniques

We use Organization Development Change technology, Adult Learning Experiences, Professional Training, Large System Change technology, Behavioral Science skills and over fifty years of Hands On Collective Bargaining experience.

24-Hour Support

We provide the parties with twenty-four hour coaching assistance with our 800 phone number, fax, cell-phone answering service and on-line assistance within our web page, e-mail and intranet. We meet with the parties and their constituents to orient, problem solve and discover ways to build broad-based commitment to the process. Our team divides up serving both labor and management teams with their own consultant.