Taylor-Nelson offers several of the best ways of conducting an organization assessment. The criteria against which the assessment may be based include:

Organization Improvement

Starts with an assessment of the current state and where there are gaps between the desired and actual outcomes.

  • Baldridge Award Criteria
  • Best Practices Criteria
  • Balanced Scorecard Criteria
  • Values-based Criteria
  • Six-sigma Criteria
  • Customized Criteria
  • Past Personal Success and Organization Achievements

Appreciative Inquiry

A process and philosophy that uncovers the best things individuals and the organization have experienced in the past. By recalling past success the participants begin to plan actions to cause changes that replicate their past successes. This positive motivation for change has proven more effective than traditional approaches.


An internet based performance management and tracking system that uncovers and summarizes to the dash board level how the organization is performing on leading and lagging critical success factors, what the culture is like, what are the capabilities of the organization, how effective are the systems and processes, and how well resources are aligned with desired strategic outcomes.

Are the strategic goals of the organization clearly understood and is there shared ownership of the goals? Do functional units clearly understand their contribution to the fulfillment of organization goals? How effective is the organization utilizing human & structural capital? What is the effectiveness of human system processes (strategy, direction, leadership, communication, decision-making, reward systems and empowerment)?

Your organization is compared with Best Practices found in comparable industries and organizations.

Capability Snapshot

An internet based organization strength and weakness assessment based on Balanced Scorecard categories:

  • Operations Effectiveness
  • rganization Agility
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Innovation Opportunities
  • Conditions that Support a Learning Culture

Data is collected from the organization virtually and from customers by telephone interview.

Corporate Tools

Virtual assessment of the organization members stated (espoused) values, the values actually in practice and the values organization members believe are required in order to succeed or change direction.

Many leaders have concluded that values determine organization speed, quality and direction. Now there is an easy way to periodically discover if important values are being grown, nurtured and followed.

Custom Assessments

Are a tool that been used by Taylor-Nelson for over twenty-five years. This entails looking at the organization strategy, design and culture from the eyes of organization members or other factors the client deems important. Focus groups, one on one interviews, targeted e-surveys, review of documents and artifacts, meeting with key stakeholders, suppliers and customers may be indicated. We always try and bring out and build upon the positive stories which produces energy for change.