Consulting to achieve organization change ranges from guiding an organization through a large system change over many months to providing individual executive or employee coaching as needed either in person or on the phone.

Change may be the result of the introduction of a new accounting or enterprise system, a new leader, a merger or acquisition, downsizing, a new service or customer base, a change in direction or a change in management style or philosophy.

In highly turbulent environments we work to achieve stability before satisfaction. We work through the three states of change, placing particular emphasis on the middle state when the organization is not what it was, but has not yet fully become what it wants to be.

Some of the tools, approaches and technology we use:

  • Norms mapping (discovering the unwritten rules)
  • Job redesign workshops
  • Appreciative inquiry
  • Confrontation meetings
  • Team building
  • Process mapping and evaluation
  • Visioning
  • Training
  • Coaching governing boards, managers & employees
  • Strategic planning
  • HR and other system changes
  • Restructuring advice & technology
  • Labor-Management partnerships
  • Open space meetings
  • Electronic meeting facilitation
  • Town hall and community meetings
  • Training of trainers
  • Behavioral preference and style identification
  • Future search
  • Partnerships (management, employee and customers)
  • Alternative dispute resolution techniques
  • Polarity management