The key to creating a successful Performance Based employee evaluation process lies in the organization's ability to generate a critical mass of ``buy in`` across the organization, particularly at senior levels. Taylor-Nelson helps the parties build support for this kind of change. We utilize organization development tools, technologies and approaches to assure commitment, implementation and follow through. We incorporate the latest internet and other technologies to make the process easy to understand and use. Taylor-Nelson will utilize many of the following methods to help your organization gain this crucial ``buy in``:

Readiness Preparation and Design:

  • Achieving initial by-in from key stakeholders
  • Building an in-house team for oversight, design and development
  • Identifying system support elements and requirements
  • Mapping norms and uncovering assumptions
  • Assess organization needs and desired outcomes.

Setting Up and Helping the Design Team:

  • Getting the team to work together
  • Collecting and examining best practices
  • Learning and adapting new models & performance evaluation systems

Setting Up the Training Content and Develop Content Delivery Team:

  • Teach fundamentals of organization change
  • Train organization members as trainers
  • Teach new performance management system content

Creating a Performance Management Support System:

  • Reporting and communicating
  • MIS, IT and structure changes
  • Tie into strategic planning, HR systems, goal setting and budgeting

Evaluating Success of Performance Management System:

  • Measurements for enhanced employee morale
  • Measurements for elevated levels of work performance
  • Develop other key success measure