We do three day Communication, Service and Team Training in a highly interactive format or we help you do it yourself, taught by your supervisors or trainers one hour at a time at your convenience, at the work site.

What Participants Take Away?

Participants take away a shared learning experience — a new awareness and outlook they can use to help each other apply the skills and principles they’ve learned to real situations and challenges in the workplace. This common focus on applying what’s being learned helps give participants the foundation they need to immediately use, and continue to use, what they’ve learned.

And, most importantly, supervisors walk away grounded in the new knowledge and skills… and agreements they have made with their own employees!

Team Training:

  • Teamwork fundamentals
  • Meeting stakeholder expectations
  • Reducing barriers
  • Improving processes
  • Making & using Ground Rules
  • Increasing our accountability
  • Acting in empowered ways
  • Taking appropriate initiative
  • Being creative together
  • Making group decisions
  • Useful story telling
  • Fundamental attribution error
  • What should I do?
  • Imbedding team values

Communication Training:

The Communication training helps us get to mutually agreed-upon purposes through shared meaning and mutual respect. For supervisors and managers we suggest the three day course. We can provide 360 degree feedback surveys for both.

  • Understanding dialogue
  • Assessing our dialogue skills
  • Getting back on the path of dialogue
  • Assessing our native tongue
  • Looking before leaping
  • Avoiding self deception
  • Turning arguments into agreements
  • Encouraging others to share
  • Becoming better listeners
  • Speaking your mind
  • Not jumping to conclusions
  • Dealing with undiscussables
  • Sharing your own undiscussables
  • Discussing undiscussables

Service Training:

  • Creating a healthy partnership
  • Our customer service mission
  • Examining best practices
  • How to learn what our customers really want
  • How to jointly create clear and reasonable expectations
  • Getting to the root of our customer service problems
  • How to find a solution to the toughest problems
  • How to explain complex procedures, clarify complicated processes and give clear directions
  • How to understand our customers’ points of view
  • How to create a user-friendly environment
  • Handling emotionally charged situations