Turning management groups into management teams.

Executives at these two middle size organizations had difficulty cooperating across operational units. Old rivalries and baggage bled down to staff levels where necessary cooperation also suffered. The Chief Executives in both organizations wanted a team but did not want to stifle individual creativity and a healthy sense of competitiveness.

Key Issue:

Many organizations are “going to teams” at the expense of strong individual contribution. The key issues are how to get the best of both. Both of these organizations were going through similar struggles at the same time.


Taylor – Nelson facilitated high ropes and other high-risk trust building activities among the executives, including team building at sea and on the golf course. The participants reached agreement on roles, rules, relationships and values and learned to value their differences.

The executive teams signed a code of trust promoting interpersonal collaboration and vowed to resign if any member violated the code. One member of both teams felt he needed to resign because he could not keep his commitment to the team.

The teams are now flourishing and individuals are optimizing their individual contributions.