This large Employer wanted to have a more client centered HR Department.

Key Issues:

HR departments are trying to become more client centered, yet they are still not being seen as partners with management. There are some classic friction points between HR client service and client compliance. Most HR department’s play both roles but they know they will take the biggest hit if they do not handle compliance activity (OSHA, DFEH, FLA, OFCC, FLSA, Labor Contracts, Court Actions, etc.). Top Management is concerned about compliance, but want the HR function to be more aggressive in meeting the needs of management also,


We devised a plan whereby the line managers take lead roles in resolving this dilemma.

First, Taylor-Nelson taught HR how to do HR strategic planning. Second, Taylor-Nelson met with line management and secured agreement that a consistent, well thought out human resource strategy and plan is important and should be designed by line management. The leaders of the HR Department then helped line management craft an organization-wide HR strategic plan.

Because the line managers were taking charge of the strategy, they installed compliance processes that achieved the organization’s outcomes while feeling good about the manner in which the activities took place.

There are now clear boundaries between compliance and support activity in the HR department and they are enjoying a very good reputation. Line management feels human resource and organization development activities and processes benefit them and the bottom line.