Edward was a talented, yet conflict-causing professional on the verge of burn out. The organization did not want to lose him, but did not want to experience his negativism much longer. While his subordinates respected his technical competence and hard work, they resented his insensitivity.

Key Issue:

Edward had unrealistic expectations of himself and others. He had pretty much sacrificed his personal life to achieve perfection in his work thereby becoming intolerant when he saw others making personal choices over work choices.


The Department Head called in Taylor-Nelson to coach Edward. Taylor-Nelson helped Edward see the downside of choices he was making and helped him achieve more balance, optimism and realism in his life and work performance. Through a series of 360 and other instruments Edward began seeing what others were seeing, and understanding the negative impact on quality work. We contracted with one another on revised response choices and Edward began seeing improved work results and relationships.

Within three months Edward had a girlfriend, entered an international sports competitions and was praised by his boss and employees for the positive attitude he was showing at work.