Leader appointed from a technical/legal field.

The chief executive of this large law practice inherited an organization full of discontent and isolated divisions located far from headquarters.

Key Issue:

Lawyers get very little training in organization leadership and other management skills. They tend to manage by personality … and the book. How to get a large team of new managers lead an old, contentious law office is the issue.


Taylor-Nelson coached the Chief Executive around articulating a clear vision, values and goals for the organization. T-N then facilitated a three-day off site workshop to cement the Executive with his four key Division Heads. A heavy emphasis was on the development of principled (value) based leadership competencies.

The five top executives then repeated the enrolling process with 25 mid level managers. When the Division Heads were on board, Taylor Nelson helped the management team cascade the vision, values and goals down throughout the organization. Frequent executive coaching helped the Chief Executive navigate the resistance to change.